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I’m excited to report that I’ve finished my debut novel, The Confidential Source. Set in the stunning Shenandoah Valley, The Confidential Source is a mystery-thriller centering on a young woman hired to discredit a reporter’s claim that fracking-induced earthquakes have damaged a nuclear plant and to uncover his confidential source.

Working on this novel has been a labor of love. I intended since childhood to write books but got sidetracked by a legal career. The amazing people I worked with in my legal jobs, from litigators to General Counsel, kept pulling me back into law, but I am thrilled to finally be a writer.

I’ve enjoyed every step of writing this novel. For the first eight months, I indulged my curiosity, in researching fracking-induced earthquakes, the storage of spent nuclear fuel, and the challenges of off-grid living. I traveled around the Shenandoah Valley, staying in bed and breakfasts and chatting with local residents to get the feel and flavor of that extraordinary place. Through the Writer’s League of Texas, I took excellent courses, including ones taught by Gabino Iglesias, and Katey Shultz.

After studying books about plot structure, I created a detailed outline. Then, I got to know my characters, and they blew my plot outline to hell. After which, I did a great deal of rewriting. And, more rewriting after that.

I’m pleased with the end result. The Confidential Source is a tale of trust, resilience, and friendship, featuring a compelling protagonist and an engaging cast of characters who illuminate complex, timely issues in surprising ways.

This week, I begin reaching out to agents, trying to persuade them to give it a read. If you have comments or suggestions about my next big step,, contact me!



  • Mary Pat Grossmann says:

    Hi Nancy!!
    Congrats on your book!! That is a huge accomplishment!! My husband befriended an author and has co-authored a book with him. His author friend, Cap Daniels, has written a number of volumes in a series. I think you’d enjoy them given what you’ve written. It’s the Chase Fulton series. You can find him on Amazon. He’s a fascinating man currently living in Alabama. Long story.
    Hope life is treating you well!!! It would be fun to catch up some day!!
    Best to you!! Mary Pat

    • Mary Pat! It is great to hear from you! Thanks for the congratuations and support. I am doing well and I hope you are, too. I would love to catch up. Please let us know if you are ever near San Antonio. I will check out the Chase Fulton series, and especially the one your husband co-authored.

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