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Nancy’s debut novel is a mystery-thriller titled The Confidential Source, which centers on a young woman working as an investigator while struggling to set up an off-grid life who is offered a life-changing fee if she can discredit a reporter’s claim that fracking-induced earthquakes have damaged a nuclear plant and identity his confidential source. She soon discovers, however, that nothing is as it seems, and she must learn to trust herself and others to uncover the truth and save the town from the peril that threatens it.

While she searches for an agent for The Confidential Source, Nancy will begin work her next novel, which involves a female scientist whose breakthrough in the field of phage therapy makes her the target of terrorists, government agencies, and big pharmaceutical companies.

Although her primary goal as a writer is to create interesting characters and compelling stories, Nancy also enjoys weaving timely issues into her books. She hopes to present complex, real problems, like fracking-induced earthquakes and radioactive waste left to linger in temporary receptacles, in an accessible, interesting manner. She hopes to take the problems and practices that terrify her and make others terrified as well.

“A Well-Told Story Is A Gift To The Reader/Listener/Viewer Because It Teaches Them How To Confront Their Own Discomforts.”

Shawn Coyne, The Story Grid