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Nancy Strehlow is a lawyer turned writer.  Her debut novel is a mystery-thriller entitled The Confidential Source. She hopes to complete her second novel, The Covert Cure, by the end of 2024.

Nancy’s legal career has prepared her well for her new field.  In law school, she was an Associate Editor of the Law Review, won the school’s prize for Best Note, and won regional and national Best Brief awards in the National Moot Court Competition. She was an adjunct professor of legal writing at the SMU Dedham School of Law and wrote a chapter in the Clinical Research and Law Compliance Handbook, edited by John Steiner. She enjoyed her work as a litigator, corporate attorney, and General Counsel, but she is loving her new career.

Nancy also enjoys painting in oils, serving on the Board of the Majestic Empire Foundation, which supports historic theaters and hosts the nation’s largest scholarship program for students in the performing arts, and volunteering for Impact SA, which provides grants to San Antonio area non-profit agencies.

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Story, as it turns out, was crucial to our evolution–more so than opposable thumbs. Opposable thumbs let us hang on; story told us what to hang onto.

Lisa Cron


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